Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Rodeo

_MG_3620.jpgThursday night found us with last minute tickets to the rodeo at the Stock Show.
_MG_3614.jpgWhen I told the children that we were all going to the rodeo you would have thought that I said we were going to Disneyland or something. They went crazy. They were so excited even though they had never been to a rodeo before.
_MG_3605.jpgTeam calf roping had everyone on the edge of their seats.
_MG_3654.jpgSaddle bronc riding was equally exciting.
_MG_3639.jpgAnna kept saying, "Look at the horses driving, Mom. See mom?" Over and over again.
_MG_3651.jpgThe children found the rodeo clown to be amusing while Jared and I thought he was less than mediocre. He's definitely no Flint Rasmussen.
_MG_3668.jpgThe Westernaires had the children oohing and ahhing. I'm sure if we had sat higher in the stands they could see all the cool designs that were made. At any rate it was still pretty neat.
_MG_3670.jpgMy Lutheran Stud was taking it all in while my 10-year-old took video.
_MG_3679.jpgBesides team calf roping there was also single man calf roping. 
_MG_3682.jpgI can't even begin to imagine how to ride a horse while trying to rope a calf at the same time. It has me in awe every time.
_MG_3691.jpgIt's crazy to see it all happen in just seconds.
_MG_3699.jpgSee that horse? It didn't budge one bit while that cowboy was tying up that calf.
_MG_3688.jpgThen the judges come and check things out for scoring.
_MG_3695.jpgThese clowns were the real deal.
_MG_3703.jpgThey were bull fighters.
_MG_3708.jpgThey were doing all they could get the attention of those bulls.
_MG_3712.jpgWe also got to see some barrel racing.
_MG_3718.jpgThose horses were super fast. We could feel a gush of wind as they rode by us. It was crazy!
_MG_3749.jpgThis guy tried to entertain us, or maybe he wasn't really trying. There wasn't much of effort made. I would have given anything to see a bull attack that barrel. Just kidding. . . maybe.
_MG_3752.jpgBull riding came at the end.
_MG_3767.jpgOnce those 8 seconds are up the rodeo clowns are in there right away to help get the cowboy off the bull safely.
_MG_3770.jpgIt was a pretty awesome show. The children had a blast. 
_MG_3775.jpgDavid's not one for the paparazzi, but he enjoys those bulls and horses.
_MG_3779.jpgSince I didn't get my funnel cake during the PBR competition I was hoping the stand would still be open after the rodeo. It was just our luck that night since everything else was shut down.
_MG_3778.jpgWe all got enjoy funnel cake. I think it was the first time most of our children had ever had a funnel cake.
_MG_3776.jpgWe enjoyed a fabulous night on the town. It was one of those nights that I was thankful that we homeschool because we all slept in the next day.
Stockshow CollageSince Camera Jan takes too many photos I thought a little collage would be fun! 


Jason Braaten said...

What a fun night! Wish we could have joined you.

Colleen said...

HOORAY, I can comment! This makes me want to go to the rodeo. Maybe next year...

Adriane said...

That's awesome. You got some GREAT shots. Next time, I'm going along with you!

Kellee said...

Why have you deprived your children of funnel cakes is what I want to know! Looks like you had a great time.