Monday, January 16, 2012


_MG_3362.jpgFor this city girl attending a PBR event is a totatly different world for me. I grew up never knowing such a thing really existed. It wasn't until I met my Lutheran Stud did I see such a thing in real life. Just going over the mountains to see him and his brother bale hay and see a cow sitting in his parents pen was new to me. Then we headed to South Dakota to meet the rest of his family and many of them live on big huge farms. They farm soy beans, corn, and wheat and raise cattle too! Their children participate in 4-H and now my children want pet goats. I'm beginning to feel like we need to move to a farm because now I'd really like to raise some chickens, but that's a different story for another time.
_MG_3377.jpgRight now we're talking a little PBR and about the National Western Stock Show that takes place in Denver every year. It's become a tradition that we attend the Stock Show these days. While there are so many things to do and see, since this goes on for 2 weeks, my favorite event is the bull riding competition. It usually takes place during the first week. I love that before the competition  everyone sings the National Anthem and then the emcee says a little prayer thanking God for His son Jesus.
_MG_3496.jpgThen it's time for a little bull riding action. That night the bulls were pretty fiesty. Just 8 seconds, c'mon, you can do it! And he did.
_MG_3423.jpgCan you guess what's about to happen here?
_MG_3424.jpgYep! You guessed it. No worries though. Everyone was fine.
_MG_3425.jpgThose rodeo clowns are pretty amazing. They just show up out of nowhere. It's quite a sight to behold.
_MG_3471.jpgThen there was this clown who, every time a bull came near he'd hop the rail along with the judges. I have to say this happened quite often that night. Like I said the bulls were fiesty.
_MG_3438.jpgSo, anyway, this guy is Flint Rasmussen. If you follow my blog you may have seen me mention him before. He's one of the main reasons I love the attending the Stock Show. Here are some of our favorite Stock Show posts.There's a lot of dead time in between the riders when they're getting the bulls in the chutes, so Flint comes out and entertains the crowd. He is definitely not one of those rodeo clowns that keeps the bulls from the riders though. Nope he doesn't do any of that. In fact, someone in the crowd even asked him why he wasn't out there chasing the bulls down. He just laughed and did a little dance.
_MG_3445.jpgDuring intermission we headed out for a little bite to eat. The Stock Show definitely has it's fare share of fair food. Yum! Fried candy bar, anyone?
_MG_3446.jpgI almost picked up a funnel cake, but then decided I couldn't finish it when I already had BBQ in my hand.
_MG_3502.jpgHere's the leader board a the end of the night. That Kody kid is from Colorado, so the crowd was swooning over him.

_MG_3507.jpgThat night they had a special ride-off between him and the guy who won the night before. He was a Brazilian name Alves. 
_MG_3515.jpgHere we go. It was a little crazy with the whole arena cheering.
_MG_3519.jpgKody had an amazing ride. He had to celebrate with Flint afterwards. Did I mention that Kody also won the PBR championship in Vegas, the big show, in 2009? He's pretty amazing.
_MG_3522.jpgHe got  the highest score of the entire night and won the ride-off.

There was an inebriated gentleman in the crowd that kept heckling Flint, so Flint decided to see if this guy could actually dance. What do you think?

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