Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Tree

_MG_2875.jpgAmidst the season of Advent we did find time to get our tree up before Christmas day. I'm happy to say that we've had it up for just over a week now.

_MG_2887.jpgFor weeks the children had been asking when we could decorate the tree.

_MG_2893.jpgThey could hardly contain themselves. 

_MG_2895.jpgThey even started putting ornaments on the tree before it was completely put together.

_MG_2934.jpgAs with many families with small children (or pets) the ornaments seem to be moved quite often.

_MG_3127.jpgThe majority of our ornments reside in the top 2/3s of the tree. :) It's a fun sight to behold. Hope you have a blessed Christmas eve!


Gretchen said...

LOL!! Our kids were the same--over the top excited to decorate the tree. We told them to put only soft things on the bottom, predicting Jonathan would mess around with them constantly, but somehow he managed to break about 3 ornaments already anyway. And my new job is, every time I walk by the tree, to hang up a couple of ornaments just to keep up with him. So, like yours, ours have slowly shifted upwards until there is a terrible imbalance and they're mostly all at the top.

Good times! Merry Christmas to you all!

Lauren said...

I love your tree!