Monday, December 26, 2011

On the First Day of Christmas

_MG_3131.jpgWe celebrate all twelve days of Christmas in our home. The Advent season is such a hectic time for us and Christmas day is no different. After Christmas day things slow down a bit and we have time to breathe again. While we finally got our tree decorated the gifts don't get put under the tree because the temptation is too much for our little ones. I crept downstairs early Christmas morning and place a bunch of gifts around the tree. There's just something about waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a tree smothered with gifts. There's just a little excitement all around. Though the children were quite exctied they still had to wait before they could open anything. We had a church service to attend, cake to eat, coffee to drink, and church members to visit with first.

_MG_3160.jpgAfter we all arrived home after church the children changed their clothes hurriedly.

_MG_3163.jpgThey separated piles of gifts for themselves.

_MG_3166.jpgThen chaos broke out as we let them open their gifts from Yei and Grandpa and Mimi and Papa.

_MG_3168.jpgThey have some pretty generous grandparents.

_MG_3172.jpgAnna was pretty excited about this box. She didn't even open the box to see what was inside. She just liked the box. Can you tell?

_MG_3182.jpgOnce all the gifts are open I get a bit twitching just looking at the madness of such a mess. This is another reason celebrating the twelve days of Christmas is a good thing. There's less of a mess to clean each day.

_MG_3183.jpgThe children love the gifts they received from their grandparents so much that we have hardly heard a peep out of them since. 


Gretchen said...

Your tree is beautiful! I also twitch looking at the paper and stuff everywhere. My favorite part of Christmas is when the girls and I sort all their toys and give a bunch to Goodwill to make room for the new things. I don't know how you last 12 days!

Susan said...

The tree looked beautiful with the presents like that. Do you have gifts each of the 12 days?