Friday, December 16, 2011

A Night Out

_MG_2768.jpgMy friend Katie flew into town last week. I had grand plans to take her out for an evening of painting and wine, but that fell through when our class got cancelled. I got wind that there was a free concert at Toby Keith's that same night, so I took her there instead. That guy above is Shane Thomas. He's quite talented. He sang a little Vanilla Ice, Sir Mixalot, Metallica, Guns and Roses, and a few other songs from older artists. It was kind of music from high school for me.
IMG_0931.jpgWe met up with a few other friends and had a few drinks and appetizers. The Voodoo drink is pretty amazing. If you ever make to Toby Keith's be sure to try it out. It's cheaper than a beer. :)
IMG_0921.jpgThe main act was The Lost Trailers. During a little down time we got to meet them, get their autographs, and a free CD. Their up and coming. I just know it.  We had a great time, but also realized how old we have gotten. The people watching was fantastic. It was pretty comical.


Katie Fiene said...

I can not believe you posted that picture of me! I have to add that this picture was taken during my very FIRST sip of the drink. Pictures can be deceiving.

JAN said...

Are you sure you want people to know that it was your very first sip of your very first drink? ;) Ha!! Good times!

Katie Fiene said...

Well, I don't want everyone thinking I let you take a picture of me tipsy. :) Although, if I look drunk when I'm not I may have a bit of a problem.