Monday, December 19, 2011

A Little Crafty

Katie3.jpgWe were so busy baking, cooking, shopping, drinking, and crafting that we almost forgot to get photos taken of us together. Katie was just about out the door before we got these photos taken.
Anders3.jpgI even had grand plans to do a little mini session with this little guy, but we ran out of time. :(
Katie2.jpgAnders was my pal. . . even when I made him stay out of my cabinets and drawers. He still liked me. 
_MG_2821.jpgWe crafted several nights away. I sewed some capes for Katie's boys for Christmas. SHHHH!! Don't tell them what they're getting.
_MG_2860.jpgSince I know that Katie loves painting I had her paint these gifts for my girls. Can you guess what they will be getting? We had many plans to make some other things, but never got around to getting them done. Oh, well. We'll have to save some stuff for next time! Can't wait to see you guys this summer, Katie!

1 comment:

Katie Fiene said...

Yay! I can't wait to come out again this summer. The colors on the frames look fantastic.