Monday, December 19, 2011


How do you shop for Christmas? Do ask your children for lists or do you just know what you want to get them? A few months ago I asked my children to make Christmas lists, so I could start my Christmas shopping. I'm not one to nag, so I only asked once. I didn't get their lists until I was just about done with my shopping. Looking at these lists I feel like I must fulfill them. It's so hard not to, right? _MG_2909.jpgThis is Rebecca's (age 10) list. I asked her if she wanted anything else and she told me that she really couldn't think of anything else that she "needed." When I asked her why she wanted socks she said the elastic had stretched out and they didn't fit very well anymore. Now I feel like the worst mom ever because I can't properly clothe my children. Had I known this we could have remedied that problem months ago. Looking at her list how can I not get everything on it?
_MG_2912.jpgRachel wrote David's (age 4) list for him. I'm not even sure he knew what he wanted. I saw them looking through the Target ad. The last thing on the list is "a farm." I love it. Hey, Joel and Dawn can we send David out to live with you for awhile?
_MG_2914.jpgThomas (age 6) has a pretty simple list that I love as well. Rachel wrote this out for him. I'm not sure why he didn't want to write it himself. I think Rachel writes a little faster and neater. Legos are this boy's life right now. He plays with them all day and night. Yes, he literally sleeps with his Legos in bed with him. I love that he asked for a picture of himself. No worries! Camera Jan to the rescue.

Now Rachel (age 7) had a list as well, but she lost it. Her list was pretty long. She pretty much went through the American Girl catalog and wrote down just about everything. That's it. All American Girl things.

Our little girls are actually the hardest ones to shop for because they don't need anything and we don't want anymore crap in our house! They're pretty content with all the toys they already have. I actually think they they are mostly just looking forward to opening their gifts.

In the past we have celebrated the 12 days of Christmas by letting the children open one gift a day for 12 days. I believe things may work out this way again this year. I have just a few odds and ends left to purchase, so let the wrapping begin. I used love wrapping presents. Then I had 6 children and we started celebrating the 12 days of Christmas. How do you celebrate Christmas?


Mary Marshall said...

Hi! I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but wanted to say thank you for your chocolate chip cookie recipe. I just made a batch and added the mint M&Ms for the Christmas season. Delicious! Thanks again. Your family is precious. Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas!

Gretchen said...

I love these lists, Jan! We used to do the 12 days of Christmas at our house when I was growing up, culminating with Epiphany, when we got our "big" gift from our parents. We did devotions and "buffet" (delicious snacky foods) every night, too.

Derek and I don't do that now. We just make the kids wait an impossibly long time to open their presents on Christmas day--after church and dinner. Mean!

JAN said...

Thanks, Mary! I love that cookie recipe. It's perfect for mixing in M&Ms or other things. Glad you're enjoying it. :)

Gretchen, we make the kids wait too! Christmas day is so busy.

Heather said...

You'll have to fill me in on how you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. I'd love to hear it!

Their lists are so sweet :)
I liked the "I pretty much mean, Nancy Drew books"

divine lifestyle said...

These list are great :)