Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Feast

_MG_3196.jpgChristmas evening we had quite a feast. While we were at church I had a turkey smoking on our grill. It was perfect!
_MG_3195.jpgWe also had a honey glazed ham.
_MG_3188.jpgBacon wrapped asparagus was pretty fantastic. I have no idea why I don't make this more often.
_MG_3192.jpgThis corn casserole has been a hit with all the company for which I have made it.
_MG_3197.jpgThe Pioneer Woman's creamy mashed potatoes are the best I have ever made. They are super creamy with a stick of butter and a block of cream cheese.
_MG_3193.jpgOur friend Chris made a sweet potato casserole that was incredibly good and flavorful.
_MG_3199.jpgThere was no shortage of food for this meal.
_MG_3200.jpgSome people couldn't wait to start eating, while the rest of us were still. . . 
_MG_3203.jpggettting these crazy children fed!
_MG_3206.jpgWe had12 children eating.
_MG_3208.jpgAfter dinner we had to let all the food settle before we broke out the pumpkin and strawberry cheesecakes and eggnog cupcakes.
_MG_3209.jpgThe Wolfmuellers were in the mood to gamble, so out came the poker chips. It was a wonderful evening with great company! Hope you all had a great first day of Christmas too.

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Susan said...

Your feast looks wonderful! Is there a recipe for bacon wrapped asparagus or do you just wrap raw bacon around the asparagus and . . . broil it?