Friday, December 16, 2011

Cookies, Cookies, and More Cookies

_MG_2792.jpgThese two little chunks couldn't wait to decorate their cookies. Who needs frosting on cookies anyway?
_MG_2793.jpgElizabeth and Maggie are so talented that they can frost cookies while posing for a photo.
_MG_2795.jpgWhile the boys enjoyed decorating cookies they were more interested in playing basketball. We didn't see them too much.
_MG_2801.jpgWe were given root bee reindeers. Aren't they cute?
_MG_2804.jpgThere was never a cookie shortage. Believe it or not we had 21 children in the house.
_MG_2805.jpgThe girls could have decorated cookies all day.
_MG_2809.jpgHere are some of their masterpieces.
_MG_2864.jpgI even got to decorate a few cookies myself. The kids and I decorated a few more cookies when everyone left.
_MG_2810.jpgThen there were candy cane sugar cookies to be made.
_MG_2813.jpgSnickerdoodles were also rolled and dipped in a sugary goodness.
_MG_2815.jpgThe babies were starting to get a little tired. Don't worry they did get their second wind.
_MG_2818.jpgWe kept going and made these cute little peppermint pretzel kisses.
_MG_2819.jpgWe also made chocolate pretzel kisses. Yum! Who doesn't love a good Christmas cookie?


Linda said...

We ate all of ours already. I think I've gained a thousand pounds in the past week...

Erin said...

When did your big girls get bangs?

The things I notice...

JAN said...

Our cookies are gone too! It's time to make some more.

My girls just got bangs a couple weeks ago. They really wanted them so my friend cut them. Cute, right?

Gretchen said...

What do you do with all those cookies?? I'm hungry just looking at them.

JAN said...

Gretchen, our cookies are long gone! The kids ate some after we made them. Everyone took some home and now they're just plain gone. They don't last long with all those kids. :)