Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

_MG_2483.jpgThanksgiving in our house this year was pretty low key. It was nice and a little quiet. We had a few church members over and that was it. Thanks to my radical (that's what my Lutheran Stud says) father-in-law for sending applewood pellets. We smoked the turkey. I don't think I can make the turkey any other way now. It's got to be smoked.
_MG_2391.jpgRachel was my kitchen helper for the day. That apron just went prefectly with her sweater don't you think? :)
_MG_2426.jpgShe helped with this apple pie. I tried a different recipe this year. This pie is a winner in my book. It'll be my new go-to pie recipe for sure.
_MG_2444.jpgWe also had a pumpkin cheesecake made with our garden pumpkins. I'm not a pumpkin fan, but this cheesecake won me over.
_MG_2412.jpgThese hooligans hung out in the kitchen most of the day hoping to get a little snitch of whatever they could get their hands on. Do you think they got anything?
_MG_2452.jpgAnother new recipe I tried was Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Pomegrantes and Vanilla-Pecan Butter. Have you ever seen Throwdown with Bobby Flay? Well he went up against The Pioneer Woman and I was able to catch that episode. This dish just looked so good on the show that I had to try it and it did not disappoint. I'll be making this more often.
_MG_2457.jpgBoys will be boys. Our poor neighbors. Thankfully it was quite warm outside. Who needs shoes?
_MG_2464.jpgMy Pyrex collection is growing and I was able to use most of my dishes for dinner. 
_MG_2466.jpgGetting the table ready. Yes, I know my tablecloth didn't get ironed. Don't judge. At least I got the thing on table. We had such an enjoyable Thanksgiving with friends and great food that I can't wait until Christmas! Bring it!

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Heather said...

Your apple pie is so beautiful! And I love the little pie buntings.

Love your kids. Love the Pyrex, too. Happy Thanksgiving!