Monday, November 21, 2011

Six Degrees

IMG_0842.jpgKel and I went  on a little adventure. Can you tell where we went by looking at the background?
IMG_0828.jpgIt's a huge place. I had to take a picture so we wouldn't forget where we parked.
IMG_0829.jpgI also invited Heather and Tracy along. As we all hung out and walked around IKEA we realized that the Lutheran world is incredibly small. We all know a lot of the same people, however Tracy, Kellee, and Heather had never met one another. We had such a crazy fun time! Tracy had never been to IKEA and Heather pretty much lives there. :)
IMG_0832.jpgThe children's area was wonderful.
IMG_0834.jpgMy girls were kept busy while we shopped. It was great. I got a lot of Christmas shopping done.
IMG_0835.jpgIt doesn't matter when you go to IKEA I'm pretty sure that the lines are always like this.
IMG_0837.jpgI have Christmas presents for this little girl right in front of her in this cart. Do you think she'll remember what I bought?
IMG_0838.jpgAfter we checked out we parted ways with Tracy. We had some wheelin' and dealin' to do.
IMG_0840.jpgYes, we were trading vintage Pyrex in the back of Heather's trunk. Then we had some more fun when Heather decided to lock her children in the car. She called her husband and then realized that her little girl could reach and unlock the door. When she unlocked the car door the alarm started going off. Heather had no idea where she left the key to her vehicle. I was really trying hard not to laugh, but knowing her little girls were just fine I have to say that the whole situation was quite comical. We found the key in the back corner of her trunk which could not be opened since the alarm was sounding.  I ended up climbing over her little girl into the back of the trunk to retrieve the key. My gymnastics experince sure came in handy. 
IMG_0841.jpgThe main reason Heather locked her girls in the car was so we could do this. We had to get a photo in front of the IKEA sign, right?
IMG_0843.jpgThen we called a stranger over and he was kind enough to photograph all of us! We all had so much fun that I can definitely see some more get togethers in our future. I've already got some more ideas up my sleeve. I love our small Lutheran world.


Lauren said...

I am not jealous. I am not jealous. I am not jealous.

Jenny Lake said...

LOVE the vintage pyrex. Where are you guys finding those (or is it a secret?)

JAN said...

Jennifer, we find all our Pyrex at thrift stores. Heather and Kellee have better luck than I do though. ;)

Adriane said...

Lutherans are gorgeous people. Fact.

Heather said...

I had the best time! Other than locking my kids in the car, but crisis averted, right??? Thanks for braving my messy car to release them, haha.

I've been in serious need of some creative mom friends and social time, thanks so much for inviting me! It was great to finally meet Kellee, also, you have awesome friends!