Wednesday, November 9, 2011


ISO 320 f/1.6 1/25
Here are just some random happenings in our home today. Breakfast is usually cereal and milk. This works out quite well when I am slow to get out of bed. The older children make themselves and the younger children oatmeal or cereal and I have a few extra minutes to get moving.
ISO 100 f/1.6 1/250
This little girl woke up with a fever this morning. She was quite content to lay around on the couch most of the day. Behind her is our very large wall of windows with bright sun shining through it.
ISO 100 f/1.6 1/00
Thomas is working on a little spelling. He's facing our back patio door giving some really good light to his face.
ISO 100 f/1.6 1/100
This is my multi-tasking daughter watching a Latin video while knitting. There is light coming through from the back door, but it's still a bit dark. Having the aperture set at f/1.6 lets more light into my lens.
ISO 320 f/1.6 1/160
After quite a bit of Vitamin C, Anna is feeling quite a bit better and got tired of laying on the couch. She talked Rachel and Elizabeth into coloring with her.
_MG_1877.jpgISO 500 f/1.4 1/125
By midday we are back in the kitchen working on math while the two little girls are napping. The light in the kitchen has shifted since the sun has now moved, so I bumped up my ISO to 500 and shot wide open at f/1.4 to let more light into my lens.
ISO 500 f/1.4 1/125
It was barely 40 degrees outside today. It's a good thing we didn't have plans to go anywhere, though that wouldn't stop this kid from going out like this and without shoes no less! (He tried that two days ago.)


DeAnn said...

Is that an abacus in the math picture? That brings back bad memories for me. I'm still trying to get hours back from my childhood trying to figure that thing out. Math fail.

Kellee said...

Why are you speaking a foreign language with all these number and letters by your pictures :) Looks like a pretty nice day.

JAN said...

Yes, DeAnn, that's an abacus. I never understood how to use it when I was younger either, but now it's great! said...

Adorable kids. My youngest daughter is like your son...only she would rather be totally naked ;) Took just her to the grocery store this morning, as she rode in the car in the front of the cart, I had people running behind in almost every isle... Ma'am... is this your daughters boot... sock... whatever... ;)

confessionalcook said...

Latin AND knitting????
Either of those on their own present a challenge. She put us to shame Jan!!