Wednesday, November 2, 2011


_MG_1236.jpgA big box of goodies landed on my doorstep courtesy of Jared's cousin Beth. When she contacted me about trying out some Shaklee products I was a bit skeptical. I'm not really into buying things from online companies like this, however when the box arrived I was pretty excited to try all of these products. I began asking people I knew if they had heard of Shaklee. Every single person I talked to had heard of Shaklee. I must be out of the loop because I had never heard of nor used any of their products. For the record, everyone I talked only had fabulous things to say about the products, so this got me even more excited. Look at all of this fun stuff! I'll just tell you about few of the products for now.
_MG_1220.jpgI have to admit that I'm a bit of a clean freak. The skin on my hands is cracked and sometimes they even bleed. I've been told that I have this problem because I clean too much. What? How can a person clean too much, especially when you have 6 children following you around waiting to mess things up again? I am always up for trying out new cleaning products and couldn't wait to start using Basic H. This stuff is fabulous! This cleaner is non-toxic too which is a huge plus when you have little children. I've noticed with other cleaners that I have to clean my kitchen countertops more than once because there always seemed to be a strange film left on them. This Basic H gets everything super clean and doesn't leave a nasty film behind. It does an excellent job on my stainless steel appliances too. It doesn't leave streaks like my other products. Do you want to know something else? See that bottle on the far right? That's the cleaner. It's super concentrated. You take those three bottles, fill them with water and then add just a teaspoon or two of the concentrate to each bottle, depending on it's usage, and you're set. The Basic H cleaner could last you a year or even longer depending on how you clean. :) There are also Germ Off wipes that I use to wipe down toilet seats and door handles. It's perfect for quick cleaning. I am also sampling the Hand Wash soap (not pictured) and it has been pretty great too. My hands aren't being stripped of the oils in them, so I think that's why they aren't so cracked anymore. My hands are slowly healing and I think it's because I haven't been using harsh cleaners anymore.
_MG_1222.jpgI've heard rave reviews about the laundry concentrate, from one of my favorite church ladies, and couldn't wait to try it out when it came. The soap is so concentrated that it takes just an ounce per load. How cool is that? It did not disappoint either. If you have sensitive skin this laundry concentrate is perfect for you.The Nature Bright Laundry Booster not only works on clothing, but other stains in carpet as well. I just put a little scoop in with my laundry to get the job done.
_MG_1257.jpgAnother wonderful product that I love is the Dish Washer. This stuff is amazing. I actually used just half a scoop (1 scoop is recommend) and it cleaned everything really well. I don't rinse my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. The other thing I noticed is that sometimes there is a white film on plastic or melamine dishes and this Dish Washer got rid of all of that and there was no film on any dishes. You won't be disappointed with this cleaner. I absolutely love it!
_MG_1259.jpgThe detergent drawer isn't even a quarter of the way filled. A little bit goes a long way. 
_MG_1236.jpgStay tuned because we'll be chatting about how to boost your energy and maybe even lose a few pounds later. In the meantime if you're interested in any of these fabulous products let me know because I can get you a 15% discount on your first order of $25 or more. There's also no obligation to join if you don't want to either. Because I have loved using these products I thought I'd share them with you all. If you've used some of these products I'd love to hear about it; what you loved or what you didn't. Tell me all about your experience with Shaklee at just dot imagine dot heaven at gmail dot com. Also if you have any questions about any of these products you can contact Beth directly. Tell her I sent you!

5 comments: said...

never heard of it?? Can you use the laundry stuff in an HE washer? My son has such sensitive skin, im always looking for things.

DeAnn said...

My mom and dad were BIG Shaklee fans back in the 70's and 80's. We grew up drinking their protein shakes every morning and cleaning the house with Basic H. I'm glad to see those products are still around. I may have to save some money and order a few items.

JAN said...

We have an HE washer and it worked quite well. My husband has sensitive skin so I have to get unscented detergent for him. Shaklee's stuff didn't bother him at all.

DeAnn, I think Basic H will always be in my house now. It's pretty cheap once you look at how concentrated it is.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to your bathroom or kitchen countertops, formica countertops always make an excellent yet inexpensive choice.

JAN said...

Thanks for your opinion Suzie. Basic H is a fabulous cleaner on formic countertops too! It doesn't leave streaks and cleans that formica really well.