Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get More Energy!

_MG_1230.jpgVitamins have been a big thing in our house lately. When we used to stream Netflix movies my Lutheran Stud and I would watch all sorts of documentaries about food, health, and vitamins. When I received these vitamins in my Shaklee box I was quite intrigued by all of them.

The Vitalizer vitamins for women are fantastic. After just a couple days I felt a difference. Do you ever sort of crash after lunch or feel like taking nap? After just two days my energy level went up and I don't feel tired after lunch anymore. Being an on the go person these vitamins are great. After doing the math they are about what the same price I am paying now for the vitamins we are taking, so I will probably be switching since these vitamins seem to have more of what my body needs.

I also tried out the Nutriferon. This vitamin is supposed to help boost your immune system and help with allergies. Now I can't say that it has or hasn't work other than the fact that I haven't gotten sick. Maybe that means that they do work. :)

I've heard wonderful things from people who have used it though. I've heard that the Stress Relief Complex is wonderful as well. I've been told that people have been taken off of their depression and anxiety medications after taking this vitamin. How fantastic is that? What's so great about all of these is that they are all natural products with little side effects.
_MG_1232.jpgI also had the opportunity to try out teas, shakes and bars. The Cinch program has everything you need to lose a few pounds or if you're constantly on the go there are shakes and bars to eat on the run. The teas were great in the mornings for me. It gave me little boost of energy and tasted great. The Chocolate Shake is a good meal replacement. Often times I don't eat lunch until the little ones are napping because I'm too busy doing other things. These shakes are great for a quick meal when you've got things to do! The fiber bars and the peanut butter crunch bars (not pictured) were fantastic when I wanted a little snack. They definitely helped fill that craving in the afternoon for munchies.
We got a sampling of children's vitamins as well. My children love these vitamins more than their Halloween candy! The Incredivites are all natural and don't contain artificial sweeteners and coloring. That's a huge plus for us because those are things I am trying to get rid of in our household. They also are the only vitamin on the market that has lactoferrin which is found in breast milk and helps support the immune system. Mighty Smart supplements are for brain support and development. These days children aren't getting enough DHA in their diets. DHA is mostly found in fish and around here we don't eat much seafood, so these supplements are perfect.
I have been enjoying the Meadow Blend cleansing bar recently. It's soap free so it doesn't leave any residue on your body and doesn't dry out your skin. In fact I've been using it in the shower as well as on my face. This would be great for kids. Have you seen this article? If you use Johnson & Johnson products I would recommend that you stop using them. They are horrible for you children's bodies. Parabens are also harmful to your bodies. They are found in many soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics, so finding a cleansing bar that is paraben free if wonderful.

I also had a small sampling of C+E Repair PM and Enfuselle which is a firming serum.  While the samples were a bit small in order to notice much of a difference you could definitely feel your skin tightening after using the Enfuselle Instant Skin Firming Serum. The C+E Repair had a tingly feeling when you put it on your face, but felt nice and wasn't greasy.

Well, that ends my Shaklee review. I've had a great experience with these products and will definitely be using a lot of them in our home now. If you're interested in any of these products or even want try some out feel free to email me or follow this link and get  15% off your first order of $25 or more. I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you're interested in the Vitalizer vitamins, which I love, contact me or Beth directly and she's got a deal for you.

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