Thursday, October 27, 2011

Winter or Fall?

_MG_1572.jpgIt snowed most of the day around here yesterday. Rachel said this pot, that used to hold my cilantro, looked like a rootbeer float and I need to take a picture. 
_MG_1573.jpgThis is our neighbor's tree. Isn't it beautiful all covered in snow? You should see it in the summer it's just as gorgeous. 
_MG_1575.jpgThe children were itching to get outside. Lucky for David he didn't have the school work load that the rest of the children had. He moves around like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It's a pretty funny sight to behold.
_MG_1578.jpgWith this much wet snow one must make a snowman, so Rebeca got started on that right when she got outside.
_MG_1580.jpgSnowballs were also prefect with this snow. Most of the snow we get in Colorado is light, dry and not very packable.
_MG_1585.jpgBoys will be boys when it comes to throwing things.
_MG_1590.jpgSnow angels were also made. The kids also had a little fort.
_MG_1592.jpgThe snow was so heavy that our poor tree snapped. Many trees in the Denver area had broken branches. It was so sad.
_MG_1596.jpgDon't forget to eat the fresh white snow. Of course one must remember to stay away from the yellow stuff.
_MG_1609.jpgThe finished snowman looked like David's little buddy complete with a carrot nose from our garden. The snow doesn't seem to be sticking around for too long. We should hit temperatures in the 60s this weekend. This first snow was helpful in figuring out what winter clothes we still need to purchase for the children, which turned out to be quite a list. Oh, my!


Charlotte said...

my nephew's dream is to be in your picture with you.

I love the snow, it's so beautiful. said...

Awesome Pictures!

JAN said...

Charlotte, that is so cute!

Adriane said...

This ain't right.