Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What a Fall

_MG_1560.jpgISO 200 f/1.4 1/800
Monday we hit a record high of 80 degrees. Yesterday wasn't too bad. We headed out to play with some friends and it was in the 60s. When we left our friend's house around 4pm it was dark and gloomy. The temperature dropped into the lower 50s and it started raining on our drive home. The children were wildly excited this morning when they looked out the window. They've been staring out the window ever since.
_MG_1537.jpgISO 500 f/1.8 1/100  
The thing I actually love about the snow is that it acts as a fabulous reflector when you're snapping photos. I also try to just use the natural light (and never camera flash) when I'm shooting indoors, which means that I'll shut off any lights that are on in the house and shoot near a window. The snow adds quite a bit of light which you can tell from these photos. I often get emails about how I get that blur in the background of my photos. I've included my camera settings in this post, so hopefully that will help some of you. Elizabeth is telling me a story about this snowfall. 
_MG_1542.jpgISO 160 f/1.6 1/100
Whenever I am photographing people I always, always focus on their eyes. Here I'm focusing on Anna's eyes and a very wide aperture and that is why Elizabeth and David are blurry. 
ISO 200 f/1.8 1/200
The first snow of the season is always fun and exciting. The children can hardly wait to get outside.
_MG_1565.jpgISO 200 f/1.4 1/800
I focused and metered off of the white snow which is incredibly bright causing other things to appear darker. I also shot this photo wide open letting in quite a bit of light and therefore I needed to have a pretty fast shutter. 
_MG_1567.jpgISO 200 f/1.4 1/800
My clotheslines didn't get put away before the snow came. The snow looks to be pretty heavy on my sagging clotheslines.
_MG_1569.jpgISO 200 f/1.4 1/800
After breakfast the kids went back to their spots by the window to just admire the view and the falling snow. As I type it's still snowing and the children are searching for their snow gear. There might be a snowball fight this afternoon. I'll keep you posted.


Erin said...

That's a lotta snow! I'm not ready for snow yet.

Great pictures btw. Thanks for the photography tips.

Esther said...

JEALOUS. It will soon come to us here in Wisconsin! said...

i just love looking at your pictures, and you have some very tasty recipes here too! Im loving the fact that I found your blog, and I think we have a lot in common. look forward to more updates ;) here is my blog link hope you can stop by.