Monday, October 24, 2011

Best Friends

_MG_0755.jpgIt is rare to find these two separated. They are almost always together. Anna can't even sleep without Elizabeth. She'll cry herself to sleep if Elizabeth isn't around. They are often found in our backyard, just the two them, playing together.
_MG_0773.jpgI've said this before, but I can't stress how completely different these two girls are with each other. Elizabeth is so docile while Anna is the complete opposite.
_MG_0774.jpgI was inside getting dinner ready one day and caught this photo. I can't believe Elizabeth got Anna to play beauty parlor with her. It just cracks me up. They're also in the stage of picking out their own clothes. Can you tell?
_MG_0775.jpgWhile Anna is 4 ounces heavier than Elizabeth and can tackle her with little effort Elizabeth can't get enough of her younger sister. She'd rather play with Anna over anyone else in the family. These two are going to be major trouble together someday and I'll still have fun watching them.


DeAnn said...

I love it. They're just so sweet. What a huge blessing to have sisters that love each other so much. They're going to love looking back on all these photos as they get older. Who knows? Maybe they'll do each others hair for their weddings someday.

Adriane said...

Love it!

Katie Fiene said...

I miss your kids! I can't believe how much they have grown.