Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What a Harvest

_MG_0357.jpgEarlier this week Linda and I, and our oldest girls headed to Miller Farms. Have you been to this place? It's fantastic! There is a ginormous area for the children to run around and play. There's a small petting zoo area too, but, really there was just one reason Linda and I wanted to go there. 
IMG_0747.jpgWe wanted to go there for their produce. The reason we brought our girls was to use them for labor. They didn't mind one bit. Yes, that cabbage is bigger than the girls' heads. Yes, we brought that home with us along with a ton more just like that.
IMG_0746.jpgThis our new friend Alejandro. He's digging up some potatoes for us. He was quite helpful the whole time we were there.
IMG_0748.jpgThe girls did a wonderful job helping us harvest produce, but sometimes they got a little tired or they got a bit distracted. It looks like they're working hard right now, doesn't it?
IMG_0749.jpgThey were definitely working hard because this little toad kept hopping away from them as they were trying to catch it. Yes, that's right. Our girls were catching toads.
IMG_0750.jpgNot only were they catching toads, but they were hunting down other creatures too. Eww!
IMG_0752.jpgJoanna stuck this creepy, hairy caterpillar on my leg. I screamed and it pooped on my leg. Awesome!
IMG_0756.jpgOur friend Alejandro drove us around in this "wagon" on this 200 acre plot of land filled with wonderful vegetables. He'd drive a bit, then he'd stop and we'd get out and start harvesting vegetables. Our last stop was sweet corn. It was beginning to get hot outside on our way back to our vehicles and the children we getting hungry, so they just shucked a few ears of corn and dug in. It was super sweet.
IMG_0759.jpgHere's how we did. I think we made out like bandits. That's 10 full wagons of vegetables for $60.00 total. Did I mention that Linda is 37 weeks pregnant? What a trooper, huh? We're thinking of going back, so that maybe she'll go into labor.
IMG_0761.jpgAlejandro our driver is in the cowboy hat. The other fine fellow is Benjamin. He helped us pick a ton of produce. He, his twin sister, and mother were with us in our wagon. They didn't want to haul as much food as we did, so they helped us pick and pick and pick. They were wonderful.
IMG_0763.jpgWe were pretty wiped out when we arrived back at home, but we still had to sort everything out. Crazy, right?
IMG_0802.jpgLinda told me how to hang onions. I finally got them hung the other night. I'm hoping this will last most of the winter. I wouldn't mind get some more though. We go through onions around here like they're water. Okay, maybe not water, but close.
IMG_0806.jpgThe onions we harvested were HUGE! Those are pint jars of salsa. Look at those onions. So, if you don't see me for awhile it's because I'm busy canning, freezing, and figuring out to do with all of those vegetables! Until next time. . .


Adriane said...

Holy Moses, Jan. I think you just bought the farm. Literally!

Linda said...

I had so much fun with you and the girls that day! I can't wait to hear about what you decided to do with all that produce of yours. I've almost got everything put away here... just in time for another run to Miller Farms... you up for it?