Thursday, September 22, 2011

People Watching

_MG_0568.jpgMy parents were in town last week. They like to visit new places when they come to Colorado, so this time we took them to Boulder. If you're into people watching this is the place for you! There was some sort of Green Event going on that particular day. It lead people to get outside and dance with swords in crazy attire.
_MG_0570.jpgAs we headed to Pearl Street we saw this gentleman. He wanted to place his extra large oragami elk next to this elk statue. Look? What a replica.
_MG_0578.jpgThen we stuck around to watch this street performer. Can you juggle 5 balls at once?

_MG_0588.jpgFor his next act he juggled fire.
_MG_0596.jpgWhile we watched this guy and his tricks this bar bike rode by. Now that's the way to travel, don't you think? Beer on tap while someone else is driving you around. Party!
_MG_0605.jpgNow back to this crazy street performer. He found this gal in the crowd and asked her to light his pants on fire.
_MG_0608.jpgHe then proceeded to juggle fire while standing on a piece of wood that was on top of a cylinder. Don't try this at home people. You should be a professional street performer. The guy survived and we went on our way.
_MG_0615.jpgPearl Street is full off fun little shops. Along the street are random people that play music and street vendors. Drums anyone?
_MG_0616.jpgI think you can figure out what this guy does.
_MG_0620.jpgEveryone was getting hungry, so we stopped for hot dogs.
_MG_0617.jpgEating hotdogs and people watching in Boulder is quite an activity.
_MG_0624.jpgWhere's my hotdog mom?
_MG_0626.jpgLike I said, people watching in Boulder is quite entertaining. That guy with the red Converse actually has suspenders on to hold up his shorts. It's the in thing right now along with tattoos and facial piercings. Only in Boulder. . .
_MG_0631.jpgPorky, here, ate more of her hotdog than her older sister.
_MG_0632.jpgWe couldn't visit Boulder and not look for a few caches.
_MG_0633.jpgThis was a bit more difficult than some other ones that we have found. We weren't too successful this time around.
_MG_0634.jpgThe children gave up quickly and decided to head for the playground.
_MG_0637.jpgI would too!


Adriane said...

Holy. Friggin'. Moly. I'm just glad you made it out of there alive! And not high.

Kellee said...

Scott delivers buns to that hot dog guy! His name is Mike I think :) Looks like fun. I hope your family enjoyed their visit.

Emily said...

I wonder how often people fall off the bar bike.

Looks like an... interesting trip! Entertaining to say the least ;D

JAN said...

The hot dog was great! I should have asked about his buns. ;)

Now, seeing someone fall off the bar bike would have made my day. That would have been a fun sight to capture.