Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Party Time

_MG_9968.jpgLast Friday Anna turned 2, but we celebrated the week before when Elizabeth turned 3. Last week was an insane week. It felt like we spent at least half the week in the car driving all over Colorado or just sitting in rush hour traffic.
_MG_9969.jpgFriday was a bit hectic since we had a wedding to attend. This little girl was just happy to be out of the car and able to run wild all over the place.
_MG_9971.jpgDavid was equally as happy. Did I mention that he was in the wedding? I'm just glad that he was wearing mostly black, so that while he was running around like a monkey he wasn't getting too dirty before the wedding started.
_MG_9983.jpgThis is what happens when you ask him to smile for the camera. He's a total clown.
IMG_9975.jpgI decided to leave our house 2 hours before the wedding was actually scheduled to begin because my luck hadn't been too good earlier in the week. It was a good thing I left early because we ended up making it to the wedding just half an hour before it was supposed to begin. Nuts, right? I thought it would be a good time to get a family photo, perhaps for a Christmas card, since we were all nicely dressed.
IMG_9979.jpgHowever, my efforts proved to be a bit futile. Where did Rachel go? Hey, David, look at the camera. Oh, well.
_MG_9999.jpgI was in charge of getting these two cuties down the aisle. Aren't they adorable?
_MG_0002.jpgI think David is helping her drop her flower petals.
_MG_0018.jpgHere's my Lutheran Stud working his magic, doing what he does best, preaching some law and gospel.
_MG_0020.jpgDavid's getting a little tired of standing around. Can you tell? 
_MG_0027.jpgHmmm. . .what's going on here? The traffic was pretty loud. I could hardly hear a thing.
_MG_0034.jpgHere's the cutest little flower girl ever. I think she was tired of standing around too.
_MG_0038.jpgMan and wife!
_MG_0042.jpgThe cutest flower girl and ring bearer ever! Seriously. Aren't they just the cutest thing you ever saw? Now let's go party!
_MG_0048.jpgOkay, maybe this little one comes close to being the cutest thing you ever saw. We got to the reception tables and there were suckers that matched her dress. Does it get any better? I had to let her have it. After all it was her birthday.
_MG_0051.jpgI snuck in a few after wedding shots of everyone. See the girl on the end there, not smiling? That's Kassidy. See the look on her face? That's what happens when she's forced to wear a dress. See her dress? It's pretty cute isn't it? Well, I've been told that it's going to be my dress now. Yay! Now I just need a place to wear it. I love hand-me-downs.
_MG_0053.jpgHere's the wedding party. Oops! I cut Kassidy off.
_MG_0054.jpgThen my husband tried to sneak in on the end and I cut him off too. Good times!
IMG_0061.jpgI attempted another family shot. I have a feeling we're never going to get this done. It's a good thing Christmas is still a few months away right?
_MG_0067.jpgHere's the father of the bride, Ken, with Rebecca. It was time to party!
_MG_0076.jpgMargie, mother of the bride, decided that we needed to sing to Anna since it was her birthday. She was just finishing up her Italian dinner.
_MG_0080.jpgThey even brought her a little birthday present. What a perfect day to end a birthday and a wedding. Everyone just crashed on our way home. It was a long day, but so much fun!

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