Saturday, September 3, 2011

Birthday Girls

_MG_9725.jpgLast Friday, Elizabeth turned 3. Yesterday Anna turned 2. This past week has been a bit insane and I knew it was going to be that way, so last Friday we celebrated two birthdays together.
_MG_9719.jpgThis little girl is figuring out how this birthday thing works. Ask her how old she is though, and she'll give you a different answer everytime you ask her. Sometimes she's 7 or 9 or maybe even 6, but she's never 3.
_MG_9721.jpgAnna's still getting the hang of this birthday things. She still loves to just rip paper. Who really cares what's inside.
_MG_9728.jpgI tried to make some really cute cakes for the girls however, they ended up sticking to the pan I used. I had to improvise. Yeah, that's not really what I envisioned for their cakes, but thank goodness for Beachy's and their bulk sprinkles.
_MG_9735.jpgWe sang to Elizabeth and she just took it all in.
_MG_9736.jpgBlowing candles out is really fun for her now.
_MG_9743-Edit.jpgThen we sang to Anna and she also sang to herself. Since she has so many older siblings she's got the candle thing down. There was no need to tell her what to do.
_MG_9746.jpgThe girls also had no problem diving into their cakes. I'm not sure they even made a dent, but they sure tried.

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