Saturday, September 17, 2011

Birthday Girl

_MG_0438.jpgOur new 10-year-old loves to bake. When I asked Rebecca what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday, she said she wanted to make mini cheesecakes. That sounded great to me!
_MG_0453.jpgShe and Rachel made all of these cute little cheescakes and decorated them with their favorite berries.
_MG_0485.jpgSinging comes naturally for in this household. That comes from my Lutheran Stud. Definitely not me. 
_MG_0487.jpgOne breath to blow out both candles! Did she do it? With those cheeks full of air, of course she did.
_MG_0473.jpgI think my photography hobby is rubbing off on the children.
_MG_0476.jpgRebecca was pretty excited that Yei and Grandpa were able to celebrate her birthday with her. She's got quite the paparazzi following.
_MG_0481.jpgThose little babies of ours didn't budge from where they were sitting nor did the expressions on their faces change. It was slightly comical. We've been having a great time with Yei and Grandpa. Recipes to come, Linda! :)


Gretchen said...

Happy birthday, Rebecca! I can't believe she's already 10. So...are your parents blown away at how many grandchildren you've given them? I know mine (and Derek's) would die of joy if we gifted them with that many.

(Sorry about verbing a noun.)

DeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca! Jan, I love how your parents look so relaxed and comfortable in all your pics. That's exactly how I imagine your house all the time. :)