Friday, September 23, 2011

Adventure in the Woods

_MG_0316.jpgWe headed out on another geocaching adventure on Labor Day. Did you know that hardly anyone works on Labor Day? What's the purpose of Labor Day anyway? To me it just seems like another day for the government to pay itself for not working. Whatever. Anyways, since most children also have the day off of school (not ours, we're mean) we got together with friends and headed to Mount Falcon.
_MG_0223.jpgI think this has to be one of our favorite geocaching locations yet and these two here could be trouble on the trails. There were trails everywhere that went everywhere. Really. It was pretty fun. I don't even think we came close to finding all the caches that were around.
_MG_0227.jpgIt was pretty exciting to find our first cache.
_MG_0229.jpgIt was a decent tupperware container full of goodies.
_MG_0230.jpgWhile there are many trails to follow, a lot of the caches are a bit off the trails. Sometimes the terrain can get a bit rough.
_MG_0232.jpgThis next cache was super fun to find because we spotted two other people looking for the same cache! It was a busy, busy area on Labor Day. 
_MG_0234.jpgThe kids found this cache before the guys. It was an old artillery box and also full of some fun toys.
_MG_0240.jpgOur next cache was supposed to be near some castle ruins. We looked and looked, but never did find it. The little girls didn't care. There was dirt and that's all they wanted play with.
_MG_0245.jpgWe headed down another trail and found this fun box hidden in some rocks and branches.
_MG_0246.jpgThere was quite a view from that location as well. It was such a beautiful day.
_MG_0256.jpgThese trails seriously went on for miles and there were people everyhwere. We didn't notice many people geocaching, but there were definitely many hikers.
_MG_0263.jpgThe kids took turns with the GPS and sometimes they tried to run ahead of us. We old people didn't have the energy that the children had.
_MG_0266.jpgThis cache was pretty big compared to others that we have found. That container is huge!
_MG_0269.jpgYou can see downtown Denver in the distance from this cache.
_MG_0272.jpgDoes that look like a drop off to you? Yeah, me too, so I shooed the kids away. 
_MG_0276.jpgYes, it was a drop off and it freaked me out. This was a small cache in a monkeys in a barrel container. 
_MG_0286.jpgThis was our last cache of the day and it was a difficult one. Most of the caches are rated by how big they are and how easy it is to find them. Sometimes, they even tell what kind of terrain you will be dealing with. This particular cache said the terrain was rough. That's a sign that our stroller probably wouldn't make it. Keri was kind enough to stay with the younger children while the rest of us took off to tackle this rough route. We looked in rocks and in trees with no luck. Then Bryan finally dug deep under this rock to find it.
_MG_0282.jpgIt was a D-Con container and pretty hard to see since it blended in with its surroundings.
IMG_0291.jpgI wanted to attempt another possible family photo. For some reason Thomas didn't think Rebecca smelled that good. 
_MG_0305.jpgHere are the Wolfmuellers. 
_MG_0312.jpgIt was finally time to head back to where we came from. The view from behind isn't too bad is it? It works for me. If you made it all the way to the end of this super long post, thank you! What trooper you are. Until our next adventure. . . 


Lauren said...

a.) I'm jealous you have Lutheran friends near you.
b.) You have the cutest family ever. Ever!

Gretchen said...

I'm with Lauren on both counts. And, I want to move to the Rockies. The trails! The views! The mountains! Love. Miss.