Thursday, August 4, 2011

U Printing Giveaway Winner

_MG_9064.jpgI used a very precise and systematic method for choosing the winner of this giveaway. I wrote all of the names, some more than once, of the entries on little sheets of paper. Then I placed all of the entries in a small bowl. I had Thomas pick a piece of paper out of the bowl and here's what he pulled out: Lisa. There you have it! Lisa B. you are the winner of my postcard giveaway! Congratulations. You will be contacted by U Printing shortly. 


Lisa B said...

That's so cute! Good picking Thomas. :)

Not Grandma Farm said...

Thomas! Just because I helped you eat (or was it snatch from your plate, I forget) one of your mom's very delicious homemade cinnamon rolls, that is no reason not to rifle through the bowl when she's not looking and find my name.
(Now you'll know how to do it next time.shhhh. Don't tell her though.)