Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sometimes We Like to Have a Little Fun

I steam cleaned the carpets in our house the other week. That means that all of the big furniture had to moved, leaving some wide open spaces.

_MG_8927.jpgIt gave everyone a little room to run. . .
and chase each other, . . . 
do a little wrestling. . .
_MG_8931.jpgsay, "Ha, ha!  Get me, dad." 
_MG_8933.jpgPiggyback rides are a must with all this open space.
_MG_8934.jpgSometimes, for the kids, it's like riding one of those electic bulls.
_MG_8936.jpgDon't try and get away, you won't win.
_MG_8939.jpgAnna loves to be chased.
_MG_8943.jpgThere's plenty of room to throw kids into the air with our vaulted ceilings.
_MG_8944.jpgElizabeth doesn't enjoy being thrown in the air.
_MG_8945.jpgAnna, on the other hand, can't get enough.
_MG_8946.jpgIt's like one of those rides at the fair for her.
_MG_8949.jpg"Again, Mom!"


DeAnn said...

Nothing nicer than seeing a dad having fun with his kids. Now I know how you both stay so fit. Holy Cow! That's a lot of work tossing and wrestling and chasing. :)

Adriane said...

I love Anna's hair! Please tell Jared that I think he is an awesome dad. My dad threw us girls around all the time, tickled us until we thought we die, smothered us with pillows, and scared us half to death. It's so sweet to see other kids getting the same treatment!

Lauren said...

I agree with DeAnn. Way to go, Jared! Your kids will have such fond memories of their dad (especially since you're the meanest mom ever!) What a fun day.