Saturday, August 20, 2011

On the Hunt Again

_MG_9522.jpgIn honor of World Photogrpahy Day, which was yesterday, I brought along both my big camera and my camera phone on our latest geocache adventure. Yes, I know I'm a big dork. Actually, I carry both cameras every where I go, so . . .yeah. It's probably a little out of control when you're potty training and your little girl asks you to take a picture of her. . . nevermind. You get it, right?
IMG_0638.jpgIf you're not familiar with geocaching go HERE. We've been enjoying finding little treasures.
_MG_9523.jpgThat's my Lutheran Stud. He makes an appearance on this blog sometimes, so we don't forget what he looks like. Be sure to say "hi" to him if you ever run into him.  :) He's signing the log at our first find.
_MG_9524.jpgThis little treasure was an old Altoids container filled with all sorts fo strange goodies. There was an old hotel room card, paper stars, a domino, paper clip, and some other things I don't remember. I think Rebecca threw a silly band into the mix.
_MG_9529.jpgJared and the older children rode their bikes while I ran along behind with the little girls in the jogging stroller. It worked out quite well and I got a little work out done. We've got trails all over the place near our home. Our second cache was just off this bike trail.
_MG_9532.jpgIt was also a beautiful area for photographs. The sidewalk is a great reflector. 
_MG_9533.jpgWe didn't find our second cache, so we're off to the next one now. I later found out that this particular cache has not been found in over a year, so we think it's gone missing. Guess we'll scratch it off our list.
_MG_9539.jpgContinuing on the same bike trail we know it's close by. We've got an app on our phone that gets us close to where the cache is hidden.
_MG_9540.jpgThen we start looking everywhere. Sometimes there are little clues and sometimes there's nothing.
_MG_9541.jpgThe kids ended up finding other treasures of their own. They're digging up rollie pollies and snails. Ewww! We were unsuccessful yet again. When we got home I looked up this cache and it was just found recently, so we'll have to go out and search again. It's supposed to be quite smalll, so perhaps we'll have dig a little bit deeper. Until next time. . . 


Gretchen said...

I wrote a story on geocaching and it made me really want to try it! So far our days off are all mixed up so we haven't had a chance, but you've re-inspired me.

Adriane said...

Random side note: I love how much your family does together. You guys are great at finding activities that way.