Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Hot Summer

_MG_8850.jpgThis summer has been hot, hot, hot. Perhaps that is why we haven't had as many park days as we would like. We decided to meet up with friends at the park last week. We tried to beat the heat by getting there early. 
_MG_8853.jpgI'm not sure that we beat the heat. What do you think? This is little Annie. She just looks hot. We kept her cool by feeding her fruit.
_MG_8857.jpgOur three families just overtook the playground.
_MG_8859.jpgThe kids came up with all sorts of games to play. There was also a little creek they played in to cool off.
_MG_8861.jpgMy little girls just loved the playground. When the older kids disappeared my girls were still playing. . . in the heat.
_MG_8866.jpgIt was hot, but it was fun. We must go to the park more often.


wheeitzlisagx3 said...

Wow! Your blog is beautifully arranged. I never even knew a blog could be arranged like this! Compliments to you. The pictures that are taken are really nice!

Hope you don't mind, if I check out your blog now and then.

JAN said...

Thank you!

Linda said...

Seeing that picture of Annie makes me think I need to get her hair trimmed up. She did look hot... and, of course, you got a picture of her stuffing her face! I think Annie and Anna have similar likes. :)