Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Big Game

_MG_9184.jpgLast Sunday our church played a big softball game. The youth challenged the adults to a game.
_MG_9187.jpgWIth guys like this you would think the youth didn't stand a chance.
_MG_9188.jpgBut, they had youthfulness on their side. They could run and jump like this.

_MG_9251.jpgThis is Cody. He really came through for the youth. He's trying to get a baseball scholarship, so if anyone knows of a college looking. . . 
_MG_9268.jpgThis is his dad, Mark. Mark still has it. . .
_MG_9234.jpgThere was a cheering section complete with pom-poms.
_MG_9242.jpgSeveral close plays were made.
_MG_9256.jpgThere were some really great fans that braved the 90 degree heat.
_MG_9264.jpgMy Lutheran Stud was the pitcher for the adult team.
_MG_9305.jpgWe also had a grill going.
_MG_9283.jpgYou can't go to a ball game and not have hot dogs. 
_MG_9319.jpgAfter the game the little youth wanted to play around.
_MG_9320.jpgHere is the future of the youth team.
By the way, the game was tight the entire time, but the youth pulled through with a grand slam, by Cody, to win the game. I think the adults want a rematch. You can check out the rest of the photos HERE. There are some pretty funny ones. ;)

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