Monday, July 25, 2011


_MG_8534.jpgLast week our church held vacation bible school for five whole mornings and even fed the children lunch.
_MG_8489.jpgI thought this would be the perfect time for me to get a ton of things done and run a bunch of errands with just one child instead of 6. I was told that even Elizabeth could attend VBS even though she wasn't quite three yet. Yay! 
_MG_8498.jpgGuess what I got done last week? NOTHING!  I ended up subbing on day 1 for one of the classes. This is the class I was in charge of. I have everything under control. Can you tell?
_MG_8484.jpgAfter day 1 I was had lists of things I wanted to get done. It never happened. Can you guess what I did instead?
_MG_8507.jpgI got sucked in and couldn't leave. Vacation bible school is infectious. 
_MG_8510.jpgI hung out. I shot a ton photos. 
_MG_8533.jpgWho wouldn't want to hang out with my Lutheran Stud?
IMG_8634.jpgThe kids were all so much fun.
_MG_8690.jpgEven Anna wanted to stay and make crafts.
_MG_8525.jpgThese children have such great energy that I didn't want to leave.
IMG_8656.jpgSince we've been at Mt. Zion I have never volunteered to help out. I've always had little babies and figured it would be too much of a hassle to find someone to watch them. Every year, I have to say, I end up getting sucked in and I never leave. I am sure it will stay this way for years to come, so I'll just go with it. Why leave a good thing, right?


Anonymous said...

I also cannot wait to plan and lead our preschool VBS every summer, and make lots of new little friends! Was also so fun to see Jann and Erika in your pics, as well as your precious little ones! Thanks for sharing, love to see you ALL through your posts!


JAN said...

Thanks Phylis! It's great to hear from you. Hope your VBS goes well.

Katie Fiene said...

You should have taught music. I heard there was an opening...

Esther said...

What program did you do this year? Ours is this week, and we're doing Group's Pandamania. It'll be a busy week!