Wednesday, July 20, 2011


_MG_8281.jpgA couple weeks ago we received these Smencils in the mail. Have you ever heard of them? They pencils and colored pencils.
_MG_8282.jpgThey're made from recycled newspaper. How cool is that?
_MG_8285.jpgOh, did I mention that they smell fantastic? Smencils. Get it? Smelly pencils. What a genius idea! There are so many different flavors. 
_MG_8324.jpgWe've been messing around with these Smencils for the last couple of weeks. My kids just love them.
_MG_8346.jpgDavid is really starting to enjoy drawing. Now that the Smencils have come around he's been drawing just about everyday. He'll sneak into the house while the other children are outside just so he can draw by himself. Pretty good for a four year old, don't you think?
_MG_8348.jpgRebecca is more meticulous about her drawings. She likes to brainstorm before she begins right down to the colors she wants to use.
_MG_8368.jpgGuess what else these Smencils are great for? Schoolwork! School can get boring and mundane at times, but add some smelly pencils and the children perk up just a bit. Every little bit helps, right?
_MG_8371.jpgThese are regular #2 pencils, except they're not a boring yellow color and they smell great. They're the kind of pencil you have to use on standardized tests or in school only better because the lead doesn't break easily. (We've been having that probably lately. We must be buying cheap pencils?) Root beer is Thomas' favorite flavor. 
_MG_8379.jpgRachel is working on her spelling using her favorite Smencil, Cotton Candy.
_MG_8421.jpgAnna even snuck in some time with the Smencils. Have I ever told you about Anna's crayon eating problem? She likes to eat crayons, so we don't keep them out around the house anymore. These Smencils have been wonderful. She actually colors with them rather than eating them. That was a fear I had. I thought they would smell so good that she would try and eat them, but she hasn't.
_MG_8437.jpgLet me just say that this entire paper that Rachel colored smells absolutely outstanding. These Smencils are pretty incredible. The colors are bright and bold. The lead in the regular pencils are strong and they don't break easily. If I were you I would run, don't walk, and get yourself some of these Smencils. They would also be fabulous gift. They are awesome!
If you've got some fundraising to do for school, church, or your homeschool group they also have a pretty cool fundraising program. Who wouldn't want to buy something they use daily with the added bonus of it smelling really good. What a fun product. We have really enjoyed these pencils.

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