Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Kinda Party!

_MG_7713.jpgI love throwing parties like this because you get a bunch of pastors together. Then some theological topic comes up. Then the beer comes out.
_MG_7720.jpgWe ladies take care of the food indoors. What mean by take-care-of is that we get to gab while eating all the fun stuff and we don't have to worry about mosquitoes and other bugs outside. 
_MG_7723.jpgSince the men are outdoors deep in a theological discussion they might as well watch the grill, right? Right. That saves me from any embarrassment if I were to burn something, which often happens when I get distracted.
_MG_7732.jpgWhile good company is wonderful it doesn't hurt to have awesome, out-of-this-world food. (For you, Adriane. Are we good with the dashes?) Look at that burger. Does it get any better?
_MG_7742.jpgHere are five pastors from our old PALS group. We should party more often. Who says we can't get together just because PALS is done?
_MG_7738Here are five pastors' wives from our PALS group. We had the best group ever! That's no lie. I love you ladies!
Parties around here never end with just food and company. No! We go all out. Here it's Monopoly night.
_MG_7746.jpgI have to say the funny thing about this is that my husband pulled this table out to play Monopoly and then they brought a few chairs in from outside and then pulled up some little kids' chairs. I must say that we own a dining room table with eight chairs. While this game was going on none of those chairs were being used. Just sayin'.
_MG_7751.jpgIt seems that when we get these pastors together they like to do things a little differently.Why play by the rules or use Monopoly money when you can use poker chips.
IMG_0219.jpgWith the Monopoly game finally ending after 3 hours, it was time to work off that fabulous dinner. I got these lovely shots with my phone.
IMG_0226.jpgP90X is the workout of choice around here.
IMG_0229.jpgThis workout is called Ab Ripper X. Perhaps you've heard of it or seen it on my Facebook page. Now that's my kinda party.


DeAnn said...

You had me at party. Looks like so much fun-minus the Ab Ripper. :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

your party is out of control! ha! loving those P90X pics. i'm too chicken to try that. :)

and really, you know how to make a burger!!! that sounds SO good to me right now!