Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Festivities!

_MG_8119.jpgOn the actual Independence Day we headed out of town to Jared's aunt and uncle's house. 
_MG_8120.jpgThere were ants around their place. One of them really liked Anna. I don't think she felt the same way.
_MG_8121.jpgThe kids and Jared got to enjoy slip n' sliding. 
_MG_8124.jpgThe neighbors have a horses, so we didn't see the kids much.
_MG_8126.jpgThe horses were well fed.
_MG_8130.jpgI think they really liked our kids because they sure ate a lot of grass.
_MG_8133.jpgThere was a lot of room to run.
_MG_8140.jpgThat's Toby. He's a mini. Isn't he adorable?
_MG_8145.jpgIf there's a fire in the fire pit, I think it's a given that marshmallows must be roasted.
_MG_8150.jpgRebecca was concentrating really hard, so that she could get some perfectly roasted marshmallows.
_MG_8151.jpgHere's the end result to all that roasting. 
_MG_8154.jpgMike's using his roasting skills to teach Rachel how to get the perfect marshmallows. I think it was a success.
_MG_8159.jpgThis little girl just had to smile and a s'mores was hers.
_MG_8161.jpgAnd this little girl was the entertainment.
_MG_8163.jpgThis guy got all the leftovers.
_MG_8164.jpgIs that just the coolest fire pit you've ever seen?
Mike and Laurel, we might just have to move in with you. The kids keep talking about Candy and Toby and the big huge yard!

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DeAnn said...

I was admiring the firepit too. It's really pretty. Jan, I love all your family pics. You have such a beautiful family.