Sunday, July 17, 2011

Life Together

_MG_8428.jpgHave you picked up the latest copy of The Lutheran Witness? If you haven't you really need to get a subscription like now. There have been so many good articles recently.
_MG_8433.jpgThe current issue has a fabulous article about marriage. Have you read it? I think so many people today have the wrong view of marriage, and therefore, we have become a country with an alarming divorce rate. Our society has romanticized marriage so much that when couples don't "feel" the love anymore they think it's okay to get divorced. It's all about self-fulfillment, which is a sad thing. 
As Christians, marriage is a vocation which God has called us into. Dr. Veith says, ". . . in a Christian view of marriage, both spouses are fulfilled, not by each of them making self-centered demands, but through the selfless actions of the other." What a fantastic quote! If you haven't read this article you really should. It's so true of the world we live in today.


James Williams said...

Quote present on the picture is awesome.

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Adriane said...

Jan, you sure how to make a girl's day.