Tuesday, July 5, 2011


_MG_8032.jpgWith the 4th of July falling on a Monday this year I'm sure there were parties all weekend long. We started celebrating on Sunday, with the neighbors. I think the kids stayed up longer than I did.
IMG_0294.jpgMy girls are really into playing with mud right now. It's dirty and gross, but what can I say? They love it.
_MG_8117.jpgWe can't have a party without cupcakes right? Do these look similar to a popsicle we all know and love? We had bomb pop cupcakes that everyone said actually tasted a lot like the popsicle!
_MG_8028.jpgRed velvet was a great classic cupcake and perfect for the 4th of July.
_MG_8014.jpgFor the adults I made Rum Punch cupcakes. There were fabulous. I actually thought they tasted similar to a piña colada. Mmm. . . 
_MG_8065.jpgAs it got dark we pulled out the sparklers.
_MG_8073.jpgDavid wasn't so sure about it until Jared forced on into his hand and then he was smitten.
_MG_8053.jpgElizabeth was just taking it all in.
_MG_8043.jpgAnna wasn't sure what to think of all of this.
_MG_8085.jpgSparklers are a kids' best friend.
_MG_8100.jpgRachel was also a little timid, but soon caught on.
_MG_8096.jpgElizabeth was starting to get into it towards the end of the evening as well.
IMG_0327.jpgBoys will be boys.
_MG_8104.jpgWe lit a few small pyrotechnics. 
_MG_8106.jpgIt's been extremely dry here so we didn't  go too crazy with the big fireworks. Oh, wait. They're also illegal, though that didn't stop some people. Until next time. . .

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