Friday, July 29, 2011

Drop On In

Noacks-4.jpgOne of the best things about attending seminary with other soon-to-be pastors and their families is that we end up with friends all over the country. While it would be nice if all of the friends we made could live next door, it's also nice to know that we have pit stops all over the country.
Noacks-5.jpgKristin, Abby, and Brian (not pictured because I'm lame) stopped in for the night as part of their whirl wind vacation. They had been in Colorado Springs, then to Nebraska (spur of the moment thing), then back to Colorado Springs, and when they left our house they were on their way to Montana. It was just a couple days before Kristin's birthday, so we had to have a party while they were in town! It was a big birthday too, so we couldn't forget it.
Noacks.jpgI made Cherry Limeade Cupcakes for Kristin's birthday. You can find the recipe here. (The frosting is a bit different since food coloring was added and this time I opted to leave it out.)
Noacks-2.jpgAren't these cupcakes adorable in the mason jars and ice cream cups? So much fun and cute!
Noacks-3.jpgWe had the Sherrills and Meyers (not pictured, again, because I'm lame) over to help celebrate. We had just finished up VBS and we had a sleepover with the older Sherrill girls, so everyone was exhausted. Can you tell?
Noacks-9.jpgWe were starting to wind down a bit and give the children baths when the water wasn't warming up. My lovely husband then went down to check the water heater only to find water leaking all over the ground. Let's just say, the Sherrills were lucky to leave when the did, because at that point the 3 remaining pastors then headed to Home Depot. It was ater 9pm. When they arrived back home around 10pm our neighbor, who was partying in his garage, noticed three men carrying a huge box into our house. He promptly came over with tools and tubes to help. While there are times I wished we lived in the country, it's times like this that I am thankful to be in the city. Although after much wrangling and jiggling of tubes, cords, and things the new water heater was installed only to spray water everywhere. Since we have a large family, my husband decided that we needed a larger water heater than the one that was in our house. Therefore, the tubing didn't quite fit right, so we all went to bed after 11pm. Did I mention that it was Saturday night and we had to get up for church the next morning? Yeah. Then to make matters even more exciting our lights went out in the middle of the night. Thomas woke up crying, so I went to see what was wrong. The light in the hallway wasn't on and I couldn't see a darn thing. I got to Thomas' room only to look out the window to see our neighbors huddled around a candlelight in their garage. Good times! The lights ended up coming back on around 1am. That's when I woke up to beeping and the fan running again. Whew what a night.
Sunday morning we were left to take cold showers or no showers. I'll let you figure out what we all decided. 
_MG_8772.jpgWhen we have company it's always a given that we have to get a group shot of all of the children. Our children just loved Abby. They had so much fun with her. I think she'll have to come back soon. 
Just as we were getting vehicles loaded up for church our awesome neighbor appeared. Starbucks and tubing in hand, he came over to finish up our water heater. We're pretty lucky to have such amazing neighbors. We arrived home after church to a working water heater and hot water in the house! You can't ask for much more than that. 

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DeAnn said...

With a family your size (and someday a house full of teenagers)after this new water heater croaks I would recommend a tankless water heater. It's like magic. You never run out of hot water. We love it. You do have amazing neighbors. I don't think you'll ever need to move.