Friday, July 15, 2011

DNote and a Bakery

✴Thank you for all of the comments and kind emails that I received after I posted about my husband's catechism memory program. It was so nice to hear from so many Lutherans out there. Some of you have asked for a copy of it. If you haven't already emailed me your address please email me at: just.imagine.heaven at gmail dot com.

_MG_8302.jpgSunday afternoon, after church we headed over to this quaint club/restaurant called The DNote. They make fabulous pizza. I'd go just for the pizza, but that wasn't the reason we went.
_MG_8299.jpgWe went because that guy there on the piano is our organist. Not only is he our organist, but he and Jared went to high school together. They played in the jazz band together. While Jared's future as a jazz trumpet player quickly diminished, Brian went on to receive his PhD in Jazz piano. He's actually a jazz pianist, not an organ player. He's never been trained on the organ though you'd never know if you ever came to our church. He's fantastic on that organ!
_MG_8306.jpgHis wife just gave birth to this little beauty 8 weeks ago.
_MG_8310.jpgI am so jealous of those blue eyes. Isn't she just adorable?
_MG_8313.jpgAfter listening to some lovely jazz music and filling our bellies with pizza we headed over to this German bakery just down the street. Yum!
_MG_8314.jpgLook at those chocolates. I think I could have eaten every single one of them.
_MG_8318.jpgThe kids were able to pick out a small treat. The boys wanted the chocolate covered marshmallows.
_MG_8322.jpgAnna didn't really care what she ate. She'd eat whatever you stick in her hand. Even dirt is fair play for her.
_MG_8319.jpgThe girls picked out chocolate covered Oreos. Mmmm!
_MG_8327.jpgI was so stuffed from the pizza that I picked something out to bring home with me.
_MG_8332.jpgAnd let me tell you, it was incredible. I bake a lot, but I'm sure that I can't bake this well. 
_MG_8338.jpgI ate every last and little bite and it was fabulous.


Taylor Wise said...

Those oreos look so good! What a treat!

JAN said...

I know! I think we may have to make some of our some time. :)

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

wow, you picked well! :)

i totally need to make those oreos on a stick for our next homeschooling get-together.