Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 2 and Day 3

IMG_7954.jpgOkay, so it looks like I've already failed this photography challenge. No big deal though. I'll just do two posts today and call it good. I had Rebecca take this photo just before we left for church this morning. I'm teaching her how to use my camera. Obviously she doesn't have the focus points down yet. You get the idea though.
_MG_7978.jpgThis afternoon I was running errands and remembered that I needed a clouds photo. Since I always have my camera on me I got this shot at a red light that just turned green as I clicked the shutter. If you've been to our house you've probably driven by this little pond. Don't try fishing here. We've done it and weren't successful. To all of my non-Colorado friends this is the reason you need to move close to me. K?

  • Day 1: Self-portrait
  • Day 2: What you wore today
  • Day 3: Clouds
  • Day 4:Something Green
  • Day 5: From a high angle
  • Day 6: From a low angle
  • Day 7: Fruit
  • Day8: A bad habit
  • Day 9: Someone you love
  • Day 10: Childhood Memory
  • Day 11: Something Blue
  • Day 12: Sunset
  • Day 13: Yourself with 13 things
  • Day 14: Eyes


Heather said...

Wow, you got that at a stoplight? Wish all stoplights had such a pretty view...
Cute outfit, too!

JAN said...

I can't believe I got that shot either. I didn't really have time to compose it. I looked out the passenger window and it was beautiful, so I grabbed my camera quickly and just as I snapped it I saw the light was green. So I only got one shot. Glad it turned out.

jeni said...

Jan, you are so cute I can't even stand it! I love that outfit, and those shoes. Oh my, those shoes!

Can we setup some kind of outfit exchange program where we send each other outfits in the mail? Or you just send me yours in the mail maybe and I wear them? You know what, just send me cash and I'll go buy that outfit. Done. :P

Great cloud photo too -- I don't think any of us can top that one! The mountains are absolutely beautiful.

Adriane said...

In other news, your outfit is freaking adorable!

JAN said...

Those shoes came from a gal at church. She just left them in my car one Sunday and said, "I wore these for my son's wedding, but they're a little too loose and haven't worn them since. So they're yours." Since then she's left me two more pairs of shoes.

Jeni, I would do a clothing/shoe swap with you any day.

Lauren said...

Jan - you are always fabulous. :)

Gretchen said...

You're smokin' hot, mama! Love the mountains shot, too. You guys live in a beautiful place.

JAN said...

Thanks Gretchen. You are hilarious!