Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 1

_MG_7905.jpgMy friend Adriane has a way of asking people to do something and getting them to do it. Okay, maybe that only works on me. Or maybe it's because she only asks me to do things that involve photography. I usually say, "yes" to all things photography. When she sent an email out about a 30 day photography challenge I was in. So, today is Day 1. The assignment: Self-portrait. So here I am getting ready to join some friends for happy hour. You should join in, in this 30 day challenge, if you'd like. We'll see if I actually make through all 30 days. I'll give you a rundown of the first few days so you can participate if you'd like. If you do be sure to leave a comment, so I can check it out!
  • Day 1: Self-portrait
  • Day 2: What you wore today
  • Day 3: Clouds
  • Day 4:Something Green
  • Day 5: From a high angle
  • Day 6: From a low angle
  • Day 7: Fruit
There. That should keep you busy for a few days. Good luck! I know I'm going to need it.


Heather said...

Ok - I joined!

I've been wanting to do one of these 30 day challenges, and today is the 1st so it just seemed right.

Can't wait to see all your beautiful pictures! you're such a talented photographer :-D

Lauren said...

You're so lovely, Jan. It must be because we're sisters. It's in our genes.

JAN said...

Heather, thank you! You're so sweet.

Lauren, you are hilarious. It's definitely in our genes.

DeAnn said...

Jan, I love your picture. You're so stinkin' photogenic you don't even have to think about resorting to baby pics for your self-portrait. I'm officially jealous.