Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pool Side

IMG_0073.jpgYou'll have to excuse the quality of these photos. They were taken with my phone. You know summer isn't far away when we start spending our afternoons at the pool.
IMG_0074.jpgThere are two pools in our neighborhood; a competition sized pool and a toddler pool. The last ten minutes of every hour is adults only in the big pool, so Rebecca got kicked out.  She's sitting here trying to warm up even though it's 90 degrees outside.
IMG_0075.jpgAnna couldn't quite figure out what this big place full of water was.
IMG_0077.jpgThe kids always find friends quickly at the pool and they share all their pool toys.
IMG_0079.jpgDainty Elizabeth just enjoyed walking around with cups and buckets. She never once dunked her head into the water.
IMG_0082.jpgThat's Thomas being squirted by David. Perhaps some water guns are in our future.
IMG_0083.jpgAnna finally figured this water thing out and realized that she wasn't going to drown.
IMG_0086.jpgShe got super excited over this place.
IMG_0087.jpgShe kept getting in and out of the water squealing with excitement.
IMG_0088.jpgMy little Tommy girls hanging out! Maybe next time I'll bring my big camera. :)
Happy Ascension Day!

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Adriane said...

I don't know how you don't have a heart attack with all your kids in the water. I practically pass when one of my nieces or nephews puts a toe in.