Friday, June 10, 2011

I Thought It Was A Secret

IMG_0068.jpgThere's a library not far from our house that we frequent. It was brand new as of last year. It used to be a peaceful, somewhat quiet place. Now it seems like there are people here all the time no matter what time we go. Can you blame them? This library is pretty cool. It has everything from books, DVDs, computers, music, toys, yes toys!
IMG_0127.jpgIt's definitely geared towards kids and families. While there are books galore here, there are also puzzles, toys, and lots of pretend play things for the kids. 
IMG_0132.jpgThere are even baskets full of board books for little ones.
IMG_0136.jpgThere's a massive children's area full of little chairs for little people.

They have some fun chairs too, that spin. As much as I love this library, it's not really a quiet place. When I think of libraries I think of people quietly reading in all corners of the building. This place, however, is far from that. I have to say that I am slightly disappointed in the books selection, although it does seem that they are working hard at improving things. We'll continue to make our weekly visits hoping for new books.


Colleen said...

I'm assuming that's Anythink...Ryan and I just visited there the other day, and while we thought it was chic and cool, there didn't seem to be very many uh, books. At least not compared to other libraries I've been too, like the Broomfield library. Where are all the books?

JAN said...

Yes! I am very disappointed in their book selection. I usually get online and put books on hold and then pick them up when we go. I let the kids read whatever while we are there and then I go through what they get to bring home. It's more like an indoor play area for them. It's a little disappointing for me, but the kids love it. My hope is that since the shelves are so empty that they will start filling them up soon.