Monday, June 6, 2011

The Good Stuff

_MG_6999.jpgThe days are getting longer.
_MG_7004.jpgThe weather is getting warmer.
_MG_7006.jpgThat means the kids are staying up later.
_MG_7009.jpgEnjoying a little dessert on a warm summer spring evening.
_MG_7010.jpgIs it really still spring? Yikes! There's a lot of this going on around here.
_MG_7011.jpgFollow the leader has been a fun game of choice.
_MG_7016.jpgQuick and sharp turns have become a natural thing for all of them. It makes me nervous.
_MG_7017.jpgYes, that is my daughter wearing ruby red slippers while riding her bike.
_MG_7018.jpgDon't touch this little girl's trike or she'll let you have it. She won't even let you get away with riding a different tricycle. We tried. 
_MG_7021.jpgAhhh! The good stuff on a Sunday evening.


Lauren said...

Ahhh. This looks delightful. Everyone is content, sweaty, enjoying fresh air and one another's company. What a great way to end a wonderful day.

And I love your new header. The pictures are adorable.

Adriane said...

I get nervous just thinking about all those kids on bikes. First, I was nervous about you guys swimming. Now I'm freaking out about your bike riding. Your family is going to give me a premature heart attack! (adorable new blog design, btw. I'm not freaking out about that.)

JAN said...

Adriane, maybe you should come and be my nanny. Perhaps that would ease your nerves. ;)