Saturday, June 25, 2011


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The other day we headed to church to pull some weeds. I think our garden is starting to really take off. We didn't start many plants indoors like we did last year, so I was a little worried. At church we planted over 100 tomato plants, so if all goes well it looks like I will be doing quite a bit of canning later. The carrots are taking off as well. I think the carrots we planted at home are just a bit taller than at church. We'll see how they come out in the end.
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Our corn was a bit slow to come up. Let's hope that they are knee high by the fourth of July! We have several types of lettuce and spinach growing. I have no idea what they are all actually called but we can't even keep up eating it all. We've had salad everyday and I've even tried to give it away and we can't even seem to make a dent. If you are in the neighborhood of our church PLEASE, I'm begging you, stop by and take some lettuce off our hands.:)
This adorable little helper likes to eat dirt more than actually help.
_MG_7599.jpgThomas helped pull a few weeds and then it got boring, so I had him pick a salad for dinner.
The children helped with the garden a bit then started hunted different insects. It's more fun.
_MG_7607.jpgAren't these flowers pretty? They're growing from our potato plants. I just love them.
My salad picker.
At home I just found my first pepper. I hope it's a spicy one. It looks like a few more are starting to grow too!
We also planted some super sweet grape tomatoes so the kids could pick and eat as they pleased for a snack. We also did this last year and it was a huge hit. The kids just loved these tomatoes. This plant is enormous compared to the tomatoes we planted at church. I think we'll have some tomatoes in the near future. There's a lot of excitement around here watching all of this stuff grow.


Lauren said...

100 tomato plants! I can't even imagine. That is awesome.

Your garden looks great - no critters or bugs eating them up. That's right - because they're all at MY house!

Erin said...

I planted 16 tomato plants, you have me beat by a long shot!

Our garden is starting to take off too. It has finally started to warm up around here. That will help speed things up too.

Adriane said...

I remember having to help my mom in her garden. I can only hope that your children too will have horrible memories of scary bugs, dirt, gritty lettuce and burning heat. It will give them something to complain to you about when they're older.