Friday, June 17, 2011

Days Like These

"Life is short, lets go live it.
Ain't no time for wasting time.
Days like these, they go by way too fast.
Yeah, days like these, you wanna make 'em last."

-Jason Aldean, Days Like These, Album: My Kinda Party
_MG_7317.jpgThe Rockies played a game during the day. We were given a ton of free tickets, so we took the entire family downtown. It was crazy trying to find parking downtown. I'm pretty sure we walked miles to get the field. Well, it seemed like miles, but it couldn't have been since we had all the kids with us. It was also a very hot and when you bring a big family to the ball park you don't pack light. At least, I don't.
_MG_7323.jpgCoors field is just an amazing ball park. You've got a view of the mountains and the city all in one place.
_MG_7319.jpgWe met up with friends. The kids had a blast, especially since their friends were at the game too.
_MG_7326.jpgThe bats were hot for the Rockies!
IMG_0172.jpgWe were pretty glad that we were sitting undercover and not directly in the sun.
IMG_0174.jpgWith all of us we took up a total of 14 seats. Keri and I sat at one end, while Jared and Bryan sat at the other with the kids sandwiched in between. It was pretty nuts.
_MG_7328.jpgBrief meeting on the mound.
_MG_7331.jpgThat's Jim Tracy, the manager. I thought he was about to get thrown out of this game.
_MG_7336.jpgI brought a lot of food to keep the kids from getting hungry.
_MG_7340.jpgThere were a few empty seats around us, so all the kids kept playing musical seats.
_MG_7341.jpgI love this field!
IMG_0181.jpgThe sun kept creeping up on us. By the end of the game our feet were in the sun.
My camera battery died while we were at the game. Most of these photos were taken with my phone. That's how much of a camera freak I am. :)
IMG_0187.jpgThe Rockies came out victorious and we all went home happy! What a day!

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Esther said...

I wonder how they mow, to get the grass to look like that. It's so cool!