Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coffee and Donuts

_MG_7568.jpgHave you picked up the latest Food Network Magazine? I just got mine in the mail, but hadn't had the chance to look through it yet. Our friends Quinton, Summer, and their boys are in town visiting. While we were hanging out Summer started looking through the current issue. We started drooling over almost everything in the magazine. It's a great issue!!!!!! (! For you, Adriane!!!) We decided we needed to make most of the things in the magazine. The next thing I know, Summer and I were in the car and we were on our way to the grocery store. We left Quinton behind with 7 children. :) (Jared's in the mountains with Rebecca on a catechism retreat.)
_MG_7556.jpgLook. This is all you need to make these. Two things. That's it.
_MG_7560.jpgSummer was all of over this. Just slice your donut in half.
_MG_7564.jpgPut ice cream on top of the one side of the donut. Then place the other half on top.
_MG_7567.jpgEat it right away. Then keep making more and eating more. They're so simple, easy, and tasty. Wasn't that easy? I don't see how anyone can mess this up. 
_MG_7573.jpgSeriously. Ice cream and donuts were almost meant for each other.
_MG_7583.jpgSummer decided to make her own version. I call it the open faced ice cream donut. It's when you slice the donut in half and load up the ice cream on both halves. You can't go wrong with that version either, especially if you love ice cream.


Lauren said...

I've tasted the awesomeness of that ice cream so I can't even imagine how much better it would be with donuts. This is awesome.

Adriane said...

There is so much to like about this post I don't even know where to start.

Bree Soncrant said...

YUM! and chubba wabba is all I have to say about this post. LOL :D
I wish I had your figure when thinking about eating these:)