Tuesday, June 28, 2011


_MG_7883.jpgHave you seen carrot seeds? They are super tiny. We planted a few rows at church as well as some at home. It takes talent to plant carrots a few inches apart from each other. We don't have that talent. Our carrots are growing right up next to each other. That means that we need to thin them down a bit, otherwise we'll get a bunch of carrots that grow into each other. I know this from experience. Last year we had three in one carrots. It was definitely an interesting sight.
_MG_7871.jpgWe picked a bunch of carrots out of the garden this morning and it still looks pretty full. Aren't they cute? They're the perfect size for little people.
We have a lot of little people in our household. Not only that, but they get excited over little things that are their size, like carrots._MG_7873.jpgThat's my Lutheran Stud picking carrots right before he has to leave for a meeting.
_MG_7880.jpgThey were a sweet, tasty snack this morning.
_MG_7878.jpgWe let the kids pick their own carrots. 

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