Friday, May 20, 2011


_MG_6426.jpgJust when I thought we had made it out of the cold and gloomy weather it all came back again and with a vengeance.
_MG_6424.jpgIt hailed. Then it stopped. Then it hailed some more. There were funnel clouds in the sky. The rain came as well and it didn't stop. It's been a crazy few days.
_MG_6430.jpgMy poor plants were outside. They got obliterated by the hail.
_MG_6432.jpgMy poor basil was thriving and looking so good. And then BAM!
_MG_6434.jpgThe hail was strong enough to puncture these holes in my eggplant. The leaves were looking so strong and healthy. I fear that there is no end in sight for this rainy, cold weather. It's starting to look worse than Seattle weather. I haven't seen the sun in days and it's killing my motivation.


Lauren said...

Oh no! Your plants do look sad. Turn on all the lights, crank up the heat, and do some sewing or baking. :)

So I say...Living Life to the Fullest said...

It's been raining all afternoon here. I got soaked on the way back to my apartment from work.

Jennifer V. said...

I'm so sorry about the hail and your plants. Two years ago we had a horrible hailstorm on this end of town and I was left with nothing growing. The garden store (Timberline) said to keep fertilizing (I love Seaweed Extract) and you will be surprised at the result.