Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Has Not Yet Sprung

_MG_5667.jpgWe met up with a bunch of friends at the park, on Saturday, with high hopes that since it is now spring it would be warm.
_MG_5677.jpgWhat do a bunch of pastors do when they don't feel like writing their sermons? They get together and play frisbee golf!
_MG_5676.jpgThe children don't have the skills to throw a frisbee yet, so they just played on the playground and ran all over the place!
_MG_5680.jpgMy little girls really enjoyed the slides. They kept just kept going up and down over and over.
_MG_5683.jpgHere's the big game. I wasn't really on the course since I was with the smaller children at the playground.
_MG_5674.jpgObviously, these pastors don't play frisbee golf much because this was not the only frisbee to fly into the water. Though, I am sure, if you talk to these men they will blame this water hazard on the wind. It's a good thing my husband brought his light bulb changing pole. :)
_MG_5687.jpgMy children are climbers. Whatever they think they can climb they will give it a shot. David's on top of a cement wall.
_MG_5689.jpgWho wants to go down a tunnel slide when you can climb up the slide from the top?
_MG_5675.jpgBryan is praying that his next throw doesn't go into the water. Let's hope that worked out for him. I think the best score came in at 20 over par. Pretty good, eh? Now, if only the sun would stop being so deceiving, and the weather would actually start warming up out here we'd be able to endure a frisbee golf tournament. :)


Lauren said...

Looks like fun. And I hate it when it's colder than it looks outside. Please tell us, though, WHY Jared had a lightbulb pole with him. I'm sure there is some good explanation.

JAN said...

He heard that there were water hazards on the course. Need I say more? ;)