Wednesday, May 11, 2011


_MG_6293.jpgSunday was gorgeous outside, as was Monday. Tuesday was pretty nice as well. Today? Yuck!_MG_6301.jpg
I feel like I'm back in Seattle. It's a horribly gloomy day; cloudy, drizzly, and rainy.
_MG_6298.jpgThen it started hailing. What? 
It's definitely the perfect day for a nap. It's hard to keep your eyes open when it's so depressing outside and cold in our house. What happened to our 85 degrees? Not to worry. Tomorrow, I am sure, the sun will shine again. That's how it works in Colorado. That's why I can handle a day or two of gloom. Happy Tuesday! I'm off to do some baking. It's a good day for that sort of thing and we're out of cookies around here. That's almost sinful. :)


Kristen said...

Ha! Almost sinful? I hear you! It's the same in my house. :-) I hope you all enjoyed the cookies!

Kellee said...

Nope, tomorrow is supposed to be the same as today :) I just had to ruin your optimism. I am baking tomorrow.

JAN said...

Stop raining on my parade, Kel. I guess I'll just bake some more tomorrow too.

Katie Fiene said...

It was 88 here yesterday and sticky. Oh how I miss Colorado weather. It is going to be a long summer.

JAN said...

Oh Katie, I don't think I could handle the stickiness. I remember that in Ft. Wayne. We just stayed inside the whole summer. You should come for a visit the whole summer. ;)