Thursday, May 12, 2011


_MG_5975.jpgLast Saturday the ladies at our church hosted a mother/daughter brunch. They pulled out the fancy tablecloths and made beautiful centerpieces.
_MG_5985.jpgThere were a ton of ladies in attendance. I think we ran out of chairs.
_MG_6014.jpgWe had ladies from all over the state drive into town to spend the morning with their mothers.
_MG_5992.jpgLadies of all ages came and we had a lot of fun!_MG_6003.jpgThere were skits performed.
_MG_5993.jpgWe hung out and chatted with friends.
_MG_6008.jpgAll year long the lovely ladies at our church work fervently to create these beautiful quilts.
_MG_6009.jpgThere's even a lady that crochets some quilts to add to the stash. Then the quilts are donated. These quilts filled up our sanctuary. It was amazing.

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