Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is It Summer Yet?

_MG_6073.jpgMother's day was hot. Really hot. For the weather we've been having lately it was pretty exciting to hit the mid-80s.
_MG_6071.jpgThe kids begged to play in the sprinklers. The grass needed to be watered anyway, so. . .
_MG_6082.jpgIt's obvious that my children haven't been out in the sun for awhile. They get their pasty white skin from their father. ;)
_MG_6088.jpgIt was a good day to soak up some Vitamin D, especially since I always forget the sunscreen.
_MG_6086.jpgThis kid can never keep his pants up.
_MG_6092.jpgThe little girls were helping Jared plant the garden.
_MG_6093.jpgThis is how you plant straight rows in your garden. A chalk line works wonders.
_MG_6097.jpgWe planted some sunflowers.
_MG_6098.jpgElizabeth loves to help. She means well even though seeds are sometimes just dumped on the ground.
_MG_6100.jpgAnna's thinking about moving the chalk line or eating dirt. Hmm. . . which one sounds better.
_MG_6102.jpgMy Lutheran Stud planted a ton of vegetables. I can't wait for summer!


רונה Rona said...

beautiful photographs :)

JAN said...

Thank you Rona!